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Hello everyone

This is the time in my life to talk about nature with my own experiences my inspiration from
nature and where to get it from.

I would like to share my tricks and tips with you, details and finishing touches that will make your inspiration or work a wonderfully stylish and enjoyable. I would like to introduce all flower lovers with my passion for flowers which become of my lifestyle. I am florist for around 18 years in the UK and abroad. I grew up in the most beautiful country Latvia. Where we have full four seasons, very cold winter with a magical feel of snow and with crystal frosted snowy trees, Spring with first warm sun and that feel when nature is coming back to life is soul-warming. Summer beauty and very rich Autumn when all nature is in colours it’s just amazing… how nature does this? My passion for flowers continues after the first time I picked up flowers from my mums garden. After the right choice of education, I became a florist.

All we actually know behind the beauty scene is hard independent work and with a team but its a job we LOVE. I will never lose my passion because there are so many adventures and so
many things to explore.

And by the way florists are artists we can catch a dream, we can paint with flowers and we make people smile.


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