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The star is born – PEONY

Peonies are classic garden flowers even old fashioned flowers that became a star for weddings and everyday flowers at nowaday.
I’m not afraid to call peony as a star those breathtaking blooms, texture, colours and fragrant is just adore.
There are some more facts about peonies:

  • Millions of people fall in love with peonies and choose their wedding flowers.
  • A peony represents wealth and honour, romance and love
  • By the way, the 12th wedding anniversary symbol is a peony.
  • Make a note and book your wedding at the right time. Peonies bloom from May through June in the UK. More or less we florists can get them all year round but the price
    the difference is huge.
  • Most favourite bloom on Instagram.
  • Never out of fashion.
  • The peony or paeony is a flowering plant in the genus Paeonia, the only genus in the
    family Paeonicea. Native to Asia, Europe and Western North.

Tips& Tricks of peony

How to keep cut peonies fresh for more than three weeks.
This is a great trick to know about if you are going to use peonies for a special occasion at a later date.
You can use this tip to enjoy fresh blooms for yourself for extra long time.
Step 1:
The soft stage peonies when the buds just start showing a bit of colour are fairly large.
Clean the stem from bigger leaves.

Step 2:
Wrap your prepared peonies in your favourite newspaper close both ends or place them into a ziplock bag and close it. Leave off the bottom of the stems dry.
If you have a small number of peonies place them in your fridge, laying down flat on one of the shelves. If you have thousands of stems wrap them in newspaper and place them in a cool basement place laying down on the table.

Personally, I prefer to wrap peonies in a newspaper then you don’t need to worry about some moisture to being trapped inside the ziplock bag.

When you are ready to display your peonies recut the stems at on angle with a sharp knife and place them in warm water. Give them about 24 hours to bloom.

Good luck


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